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Virtual Health Resort

Help Yourself To Health

The Virtual Health Resort website has been designed to support you in achieving your optimal health goals and overall wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. It includes audio, video and written information that everyone can experience online, so you can WATCH, LISTEN, FEEL, REFLECT and READ all on this site.

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Peaceful Mind

A peaceful mind through meditation and allowing ourselves just to be.

Mind/Body Harmony

Gain a greater understanding of how the mind/body dynamic works.

Releasing Stress

Explore the subject of stress and how to reduce, release, and manage it.

Physical Exercise

Learn how to safely improve your physical fitness.

Food Awareness

Making decisions that will be conducive to our health.


Techniques to harness the power of the breath for mind & body.

Easeful Body

Bring greater awareness of the physical body through yoga.


Our environment can set the tone of our emotions.

Group Support

We are not alone, and we were not meant to feel alone.

Creative Expression

Utilise imagination, spontaneity and self-confidence, without fear.

Art of Serving

Maintain balance by learning to give something back.


Arrange the HELP components into a routine that works for you.

Health Enhancement Journal

An opportunity to reflect on questions from the above topics & set goals.

Streaming Audio Classes

Practice all health techniques/tools with guided instructions & explanations


Browse links to more wellbeing and lifestyle resources to help you on your journey

Follow along with guided classes in releasing stress techniques, how to meditate, a guided meditation session, yoga postures, deep relaxation, breathing practices, and stretching classes so you can FEEL HEALTHY as well! Just click on the Listen menu item under Resources above or access them via topic introductions in the beginning of each chapter.

Listen to audio broadcasts and watch video-casts with presenters from all over the world providing support on every aspect of wellbeing which are integrated into each of 12 different themes online. Just click on the Health Enhancement item above.

We have also included a JOURNAL to help you REFLECT on current health themes and record your insights and goals as you help yourself to health! The Virtual Health Resort is a multimedia experience just waiting to be explored in the way that is right for you. Just click on HELP JOURNAL within the Resources menu item.

Read the guide to ‘HELP Yourself To Health’ offline by downloading all twelve themes from the “Downloads” item under Resources on the menu bar above. Also under “Resources” you will find our “Suggested books” which allow you to access the details of books that may be of interest on related subjects and you can order them on this website. Have a browse of the resources under the heading that interests you.

Feel the benefits of actually doing many of the practices described as you are guided through a range of sessions from how to stretch your body to how to meditate. Be sure to explore this site again and again to find much more each time you visit.
Now an opportunity for everyone in the world-who can go online-to benefit from a Health Resort, regardless of your location or budget.

Download Neal Hoptman’s Free Book

Help Yourself to Health

Neal Hoptman has written a very compact, straightforward prescription for not just healthy living but ecstatic living. The prescription offers many suggestions for change which can enrich the reader’s life. If you really want to feel great & are willing to use the program, here is the guide.

Dr Patch Adams, Medical Doctor, Social Revolutionary & Author of Gesundheit, subject of the film starring Robin Williams of his life story

I enjoyed HELP Yourself to Health. It is direct, uncluttered, clear, and right on target. A valuable guide to anyone wanting to exercise self responsibility on behalf of their own health.

Dr Larry Dossey, Integrative Medicine pioneer and author of many best sellers including: Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine, Meaning and Medicine

Help Yourself to Health, is now a prescribed textbook for medical students at Monash University. HELP is an essential component of the undergraduate health enhancement program. It has been an enormous assistance to teaching medical students first hand about lifestyle & health and in keeping them healthy through their course.

Dr Marc Cohen, MBBS(Hons) PhD, BmedSc (Hons), FAMAS, Dip Ac President, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) President, Head, RMIT Complementary Medicine Dept