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What other’s have said about The Health Enhancement Lifestyle Program over the years

HELP is the perfect resource for anyone striving to gain an improvement in performance, health and wellbeing.  As a health professional who is forever striving to create the perfect Golden Door Program for our guests, it might just be the most important resource in my library.

Brook Ramage, Founder and National General Manager The Golden Door, Australia

An interesting and informative book which covers a wide variety of lifestyle issues. It will be of great benefit to anyone seeking help in reducing the stresses of daily living. 

Dr Vivienne Elton, Psychiatrist

At Royal Talbot we are most enthusiastic about the HELP course far many reasons. There are the potential benefits for patients, empowering them to make positive changes for their health and wellbeing and leading to positive outcomes for their rehabilitation. The opportunity the course has given us to offer our staff some practical examples of how they can reduce their stress in their lives and work place. There is also the role that HELP can play in our health promotion strategies.

Anne Szysz, General Manager, Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital, Australia

In order for doctors to be effective they need to HELP themselves. I use all the components of this program myself and strongly recommend them to my patients. Each segment of HELP contributes toward the process of regaining and maintaining health.

Dr Daniel Lewis, former President of the Australian Arthritis Foundation

What a great resource you have kindly made available to the world!

Charles Davidson, Director of Peninsula Hot Springs

I use the Program to deal with the personal challenges of running a major hospital.  I was so impressed with the results of HELP that we are now using the program and using this book at our hospital for the benefit of staff & patients.

Rodney Nissen, CEO, Cedar Court Hospital

The approach is a valuable one whether you are suffering from a specific ailment or taking preventative steps to insure your overall health and well-being.  The integrated approach and practical techniques have been of great help to me.

Dr Steven Sommer, President of the Whole Health Institute

Our health carries messages from the depth of our psyche.  In not listening to them, a state of imbalance is created.  I have found the program creates a valuable space to listen & cater for these unrecognized needs.

Veronique Boulangier, Psychologist & Psychotherapist

I have never been happier than I am today thanks to these techniques I have learned.  Less stress, and my energy level is better than ever.  I feel great due to spending time each day using the Program’s components.  It’s easy and certainly makes my life more enjoyable.  I have encouraged literally thousands of people to discover the benefits of the program through my presentations.

Daniel Johnson, Corporate Presenter and Author of the book, How to Motivate, Manage & Market Yourself

The HELP Program takes health promotion a step further by integrating the mind and psychological states with the body & the physical state.  The steps proposed are easy to do and are also suitable for people with disabilities, or for an older person.  I commend the manual to anyone wanting to have a better quality of life.

Rhonda Galbally, Chief Executive Officer, VicHealth-Victorian Health Promotion Foundation

The H.E.L.P. program is for everyone. It asks little, but offers much. In my work, everyone loves being an expert. The beauty of HELP is you don’t need to be an expert. It is the combination of simple changes in all areas of your life which holds tbe key. It is the key not just to being fit and free of disease, but to being joyfully happy. Who wouldn’t want that?

Nicholas Brash PhD, Fouder of Brash Solutions, Corporate Lawyer and author of How Companies Work

Neal Hoptman has written a very compact, straightforward prescription for not just healthy living but ecstatic living.  The prescription offers many suggestions for change which can enrich the reader’s life.  If you really want to feel great & are willing to use the program, here is the guide.

Dr Patch Adams, Medical Doctor, Social Revolutionary & Author of Gesundheit, subject of the  film starring Robin Williams of his life story

I enjoyed HELP Yourself to Health. It is direct, uncluttered, clear, and right on target–a valuable guide to anyone wanting to exercise self-responsibility on behalf of their own health.

Dr Larry Dossey, Integrative Medicine pioneer and author of many best sellers including: Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine, Meaning and Medicine

The book (Help Yourself to Health) is now a prescribed textbook for medical students at Monash University. HELP is an essential component of the undergraduate health enhancement program.  It has been an enormous assistance to teaching medical students first hand about lifestyle & health and in keeping them healthy through their course.

Dr Marc Cohen, MBBS(Hons) PhD, BmedSc (Hons), FAMAS, Dip Ac President, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) President, Head, RMIT Complementary Medicine Dept